Alongside this LDAF produces issue 202 of ADC magazine, which has a primary focus on the film festival programme.

Over 40 events, talks, workshops and Q & A sessions.


  • 'Special People' by Justin Edgar,  UK, 2007).
  • 'I want to tell you something' ('Ich Muss Dir Wass Sagen') (Martin Nguyen, Austria, 2006).
  • 'Ex Drummer' (Koen Mortier, Belgium, 2007).
  • 'The Silent Twins' (Jon Amiel, UK, 1986).
  • Director's Showcase -Daniel Cormack.  McCormack presents 'Amelia and Michael', 'A Fitting Tribute', 'Make Me a Tory', 'Nightwalking' (2008 - All others 2007).

Shorts 1: 'Butterfly (John Allen, Uk 2007), 'Deaf Person's Guide to the Sound Sensitive' (James Banks, UK, 2005), 'Twitch' (Leah Meyerhoff, USA, 2004), 'Sexy Because Seeing Is Believing' (Danny Terry and Jason W. Young, UK 2007), 'Word Food' (Maria Warren, UK, 2005), 'Tiresius' (Petra Kupers and Sadie Wilcox, USA, 2007), 'Chekov', 'Srealing Brecht' (Seam Burn, UK, 2006), 'The Raven's Tale' (Kathy Joyce, with the Shyster Shadows, UK, 2006), 'Oska Bright Festival Roadshow'.  Films from Oska Bright.

Shorts 2: 'Butterfly (Yulia Mahr, UK, 2006), 'Slide' (Sharon Katz, Canada, 2005), 'Coming Out' (Louis Neethling, UK, 2006), 'Wheels On Fire' Shabouz Mohammed, UK, 2005), 'Try Hard' (Martina Klich, UK, 2005), 'John and Michael' (Shira Avui, Canada, 2007), 'Georgina Goes Out' (Georgina Studd, UK, 2007), 'Dreaming Sideways' (Heidi Vilkman, UK, 2006, 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' (Jack Arnold, USA, 1957). Presented by Allan Sutherland, 'Coming Down the Mountain' (Julie Anne Robinson, BBC UK, 2007.) By Mark Haddon with Nicholas Hoult, Tommy Jessop, Julia Ford and Neil Dudgeon.

Favourites from past festivals chosen by Caglar Kimyoncu and Julie McNamara:

  • 'The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun' ('La Petite Vendeuse du Soleil') (Djibril Diop Mambéty, Senegal/France 1999) With Lissa Belera, Aminta Fall.
  • 'Harvie Krumpet', Uncle', 'Cousin', 'Brother'.  All Adam Elliot, Australia).
  • 'What Do Stick People Wear Beneath Their Clothes?' (Sally Pearce, UK, 2004).
  • 'My One Legged Dream Lover' (Penny Fowler-Smith, Christine Olsen, Australia, 1999).

Maverick Films - 3 documentaries from their New Shoots series with disabled directors: 'Elegy for the Elswick Envoy' (Nancy Willis, UK, 2007), 'Sightseeing Blind' (Amar Latid, UK, 2007), 'Gone to the Dogs' (Klaus Fried, UK, 2007).

  • 'Koko Nainen' ('A complete woman') (Marika Vaisanen, Finaland, 2007).
  • 'Red Like the Sky' ('Rosso come il cielo') (Cristiano Bartone, Italy,2007).
  • 'Shameless' (Bonnie Sherr Klein, Canada, 2004).

Shorts 3: 'Mercury Stole My Fire' (Anitra Nelsom, Australia, 2005), 'Rahidian Gutterfish' (Ben Otos,UK, 2005), 'I Ain't Looking for Your Sympathy' (Twiz Evans, UK, 2003), 'Dancing in a Different Space' (Sally Pearce, UK, 2005), 'The Wrong Trainers' (Kez Margrie, UK, 2006), 'Soluna' (Luke Jacobs and Jo Shapland, UK, 2003), 'Forbidden Acts' (Todd Herman, USA, 2006), 'Four Deaf Yorkshiremen' (Charlie Swinbourne, UK, 2007). Talk by Raina Haig and Ewan Marshall.