An innovative exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture where it’s left to the viewer to make their own interpretations of the work.

Private View: 9th Feburary 2011

Open: 9th Feburary 2011 - 31st March 2011

Features Artists:

David Byrne, Brenda Carr, Carol Chilcott, Joan Clews, Brenda Cook, John Croft, Brian Davis, Tom Hodson, Nnena Kalu, Nigel Kingsbury, Michelle Roberts, Jonathan Rogers, Sarah McGreevy, Nicholas Selway, Charlotte Stephens, and Peter Sutton.


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Opened by Tony Heaton along with Leon Jordan

Uninterpreted brings together disabled artists from across the UK to showcase their work. This exhibition breaks the mould by offering no written interpretation next to the work or in the catalogue. Instead, it invites the viewer to make their own mind up and record their reactions on a comments wall within the exhibition space or online.

This offers the viewer freedom from the curator's personal understanding of the work. Shape has democratised the interpretation process; allowing individual viewers to read other's ideas and opinions and share their own understanding of the work.

This exhibition, like all Shape exhibitions, challenges the stereotypical assumptions often made about disabled artists by showing work that would be at home in any major gallery.

In Leon's speech, he read out his beautiful poem called "Pathways", click here to read Leon's poem.

The artist where selected from Artist First, Project Art Works and Action Space.

Curated by Ben Fredericks

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