2004 - Shape's Art Signs programme, a unique training programme for Deaf BSL users to train as gallery guides continued once more with great success at Tate Modern. Students who graduated from Art Signs have gone on to work regularly in some of the most prestigious and exciting arts venues in London. Shape is grateful to our partners Tate Modern and City Lit.
2004 - Shape's Deaf Theatre Academny - theatre summer school for Deaf adults taught in BSL
2004 - Shape's Citizenship programme continues to work in schools, with the support of the Bridge House Trust. Working with a disabled writer, poet and film maker, the young people made a DVD around the theme of slavery and empowerment.
2004 - Shape's Visual Echoes arts workshops at the Pump House Gallery for disabled children.
2004 - Shape's Saturday Art Club programme, which provided disabled children with the chance to take part in arts and social activities such as painting and sculpture.
2004, 31 January - Powerful and Proud, a day of disability arts with Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, at the Sure Start Centre, Bolton
2004, 12 February - 1 May - Mind the Gap present Cyrano. National tour: Bradford; Gulbenkian, Canterbury Arena, Wolverhampton; Swan, Worcester; Bowen West, Bedford; Rose, Ormskirk; The Point, Eastleigh; Croydon Clocktower; Plowright, Scunthorpe; South Hill Park, Bracknell; The Hawth, Crawley; Third Floor, Portsmouth; Southport Arts Centre; Darlington Arts Centre; West Yorkshire Playhouse.
2004, 13 February - 9 March - Graeae and Paines Plough present On Blindness by Glyn Cannon. At the Soho Theatre and Writers' Centre, London, then touring West Yorkshire Playhouse, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
2004, 10-13 March - Deafinitely Theatre present Dysfunction, at Oval House Theatre Downstairs, London
2004, 17 March - Every Time You Look At Me, TV drama with Mat Fraser and Lisa Hammond
2004, 18 March - Still Inspired, LDAF organised exhibition at ICI headquarters, London. With Beverley Fish, Colin Pethick, Miles Thomas, Georgina Birch, Jacqueline Graining, Jayni Anderton, Jethro Woudhuysen, Mark Clay, Michelle Leon, Mike Fryer, Pauline Alexander, Steve Blundell, Tolleck Winner.
2004, 17-20 April - London Disability Art Forum's 'First Disability Film Conference', at Holton Lee Dorset. Labyrinth of Living Exhibites considered specimens and curiosities through infiltrating and responding to the exotic and disturbing collection of London's Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. Artists includes Aaron Williamson, Brian Catling, Katherine Araniello and Sinead O'Donnell.
2004, May - Hidden Dragons: New Writing by Disabled People in Wales, edited by Allan Sutherland and Elin ap Hywel. From Arts Disability Wales, in partnership with Parthian Books, published as part of ADW's project, The Write Stuff.
2004, 7-8 June - Pig Tales by Julie McNamara, and The Big Cabaret, fetauring Julie McNamara (compere), Laurence Clark The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality, Karen Sheader, Fathom Dance Project, Seven Stars Theatre Co, and Grin and Bare It, at Live Theatre, Newcastle. Organised by NorDAF as part of an upcoming symposium. Shape was working in partnership with The Reader Organisation and Wandsworth Borough Council, ran for six months during 2011. Shape worked with 100 young people, delivering weekly one hour reading sessions for six weeks in their school or college.
2004, June - Inter-Action Milton Keynes launches 'The Way Ahead 2004' with disabled artist Caroline Cardus. Some of the designs will be made into real road signs to be included in an exhibition being launched in Milton Keynes on 1 October 2004 to coincide with the final stage of the access to goods and servies rpovisions of the Disability Discrimination Act coming into force. The aim was to raise people's awareness of the access needs of disabled people and the requirements of the legislation.
2004, June - Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool seeks to contract a disabled artist or artists to lead a 12-month creative project. Working in collaboration with groups of disabled users to explore effective ways of making Bluecoat more accessible to disabled people.
2004, 10 July - 31 August - 'Into the Light', a visual arts exhibition by Artists First (the visual arts group of Art + Power), at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton
2004, 13 July - Nasty Girls present Molotov Crip Tales as part of Liverpool Comedy Festival, at Unity Theatre Liverpool
2004, 14 July - Laurence Clark presents The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality.
2004, July - Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People receives funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to collate and promote the history of the disabled people's movement.
2004, 14 July - 1 September - 'Unseen Bodies of Work' by Mark Annis, Penny Goater and Juliet Prentice
2004, 16 July - Thinking Aloud, a day of discussion about setting up a Disability Arts Archive at Holton Lee in Dorset, at Faith House, Holton Lee
2004, 4-29 August - Laurence Clark presents The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality, at Pod Deco, Edinburgh, as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival
2004, 12-13, 17 July, 18 August and 2-3 September - 'Hidden Relics, Hidden Histories', a Dada South project with sculptor Adam Reynolds and Sign Dance Collectie about the stories of disabled people within Sevenoaks Museum, Library and Gallery.
2004, September - Mike O'Hara becomes first artist to take up residency in new accessible studios at Holton Lee, Dorset
2004, 4 September - Liberty, a free one-day festival, with performances by Susan Hedges, 1st Chancers, Nasty Girls, Muskaan Dance Group, Minika Green and Caroline Parker, Sidiki Conde, Denise Leigh, Francesca Martinez, Rebelz, Amphitheatre of the Arts, Julie McNamara and Mat Fraser (comperes)
2004, 16 September - Live @ Evolution The Beautfil Octopus Club, by people with learning disabilities, at Leed's largest nightclub. A co-operation with West Yorkshire Playhouse.
2004, 1 October onwards - 'The Way Ahead Exhibition', at Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes, and touring the UK in 2005. Exhibition of life-sized metal road signs designed by disabled people in Milton Keynes to speak out about their everyday experiences of access and integration, a project by artist Caroline Cardus to coincide with the final stage of the access to goods and services provision of the Disability Discrimination Act coming into force.
2004, 1-5 October - Mat Fraser presents Thalidomide! A Musical at Battersea Arts Centre, London. Written and composed by Mat Fraser, directed by Bill Bankes, starring Mat Fraser and Anna Winslet.
2004, 20 October - Launch of Disability Arts Cymru (the new name for Arts Disability Wales), at Grand Theatre, Swansea. Includes performance by Swansea-based master musician Hassan Erraji, and Laurence Clark performing The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality.
2004, October - Full Circle Arts release European Year of Disabled People Legacy DVD, highlighting arts events and projects that received EYDP funding
2004, 1-27 November - The third Xposure Arts Festival. 3-6, 9-13 - Children of a Greater God by Tomato Lichy at Jackson's Lane Arts Centre, hub of the festival; 18 - comedy night, including Philip Patston and The Nasty Girls, 19 - Heart n Soul present A Sense of Time, 20 - Kevin Kling presents The Frozen Moose and Other Stories, 23 - Laurence Clark presents The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality, 25 - StopGap Dance Company triple bill, exhibition by Ali Kamalati and Gillian Street.
2004, 24 November - 3 December - 41 productions taking place in 9 different venues across Merseyside.
2004, 1-5 December - 6th Disability Film Festival, organised by the London Disability Arts Forums and the BFI. The festival aimed to raise awareness to issues of disability and filmmaking across the UK and in other countries. It included panel discussions but most importantly featured a wide range of documentaries, experimental films and shorts by disabled filmmakers. 
2004, December - Brenda Cook wins second Paddy Masefield Award for her picture 'Strength' Award presented by Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery.