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People are the most essential element of any project. The team involved are integral to its success. 

Catering for the team's access needs will inform your choices around elements such as logistics and communications: this will form the project's foundations.

Identifying roles is essential to ensuring your project runs smoothly and people know what their responsibilities are. At the planning stage, it is important to identify where access support comes into this.

For example: you may be the lead artist working with a producer. You might require access support with managing your diary, organising meetings, keeping records and notes, or assistance with travel. 

Two things need doing here:

1. Establish your PA/access worker's role and look at whether this is to be funded within the project or by an external source such as Access to Work

2. Define the producer's role, which likely includes various kinds of organising. This makes it clear which duties and responsibilities are your own and which are the producer's. The tasks that are your responsibility and require support from an access worker need to be defined and provided to the access worker in the form of a job description. 

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