Latest Shape collaboration: Jay Price was our 2022 Adam Reynolds Award bursary recipient and developed a new work, 'The Mine'. They were also a featured artist in 2022's Adam Reynolds Award Shortlist Exhibition, 'Empty When Full'. Previously Jay has shown work in the Shape Open 2017.

Artist Statement: Jay Price is a London based artist, with a Masters from the Royal College of Art, and Bachelors degree from University for the Creative Arts. They have exhibited in the UK, USA, South America, and Asia.

[Not a ‘disabled artist’] As a disabled person Price makes work that explores navigating a disabling society, often drawing on their own lived experience with psychosis, autism, and brain damage: making alien experiences relatable. Working within these areas taught Price to think outside of the box, as people who are ignored in society have no platform for their message.

Within the discourse of “outreach”, Price is asking not for ‘gestures’ to fit these challenges but for fine art to fundamentally examine how to adjust itself in the initial stages of creation and presentation. These cogitations would have the cumulative effect of making the artists’ work inclusive and approachable to a more diverse and larger audience: not charity or gimmick but thoughtful consideration that references history and contemporary practices to improve the artwork, enable artists to have a larger cultural impact, and build a platform that extends the reach and engagement of the message. Price states that by prioritising the exposure of an artwork in this way it has the added advantage of benefiting others and breaking down barriers, while contributing to the growth of the cultural industry and performing a cultural service/duty.

Price’s practice seeks out original insights into the audience and methods of production that address urgent challenges facing both artist and artworld, contributing to the evolution of the industry, and adding an alternate & controversial perspective to ongoing debates.

On a black background hangs a chandelier made out of tiny resin objects and string. The low light picks up the string and the hanging pieces.

'Canaries' (2022) by Jay Price

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Banner image: Car Print, Jay Price. Jay stands with their back to the camera on a large expanse of fabric that fills a large room. On the white fabric is an ink print of the outside of a car. The print stretches up one wall.