Latest Shape collaboration: Selected artist for the 2022 Emergent bursary with Baltic and Shape Arts. Ker was selected for the Shape Open 2018.

Artist Statement: Ker Wallwork is a London based artist with a multi-disciplinary practice spanning moving-image, drawing, text and sculpture. The work is about language, queerness, sickness and the welfare state, and is broadly concerned with miscommunication. They have worked with writers, scientists, academics and actors to develop work that explores materiality in relation to specific social and historic contexts. 

Still from moving image work showing a half-lit concrete wall with the outline of a colourful face painted on it.

Image: still from 'Contact' 2022, courtesy of the artist.

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Image description: A still from a moving image artwork. Centre-frame sits what appears to be a fig, slightly frozen with crispy edges. The opacity of this colour is varied around the object's circumference. It is as though the purple layer has been affixed to the fig, appearing - in texture - almost like ice, made of tiny, almost sharp fragments. It sits on a pale, rectangular object and is cushioned on either side by darker items, out of focus. Along the bottom of the frame, captions read: "The Home Office building on Horseferry Road." Banner Image: still from 'Whatever, Pedant' (2020) by Ker Wallwork, image courtesy of artist.