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Crip Arte Spazio: The DAM in Venice is a huge, joyous, and exuberant celebration of the Disability Arts Movement, showcasing its dynamism, wit, and grandeur. The DAM aligned art with the fight for rights, broke barriers, and ultimately affected changes in UK law, while making great art about doing so. 

As if an electric demonstration of crip creatives have arrived in Venice, the exhibition explodes in the venue, with huge protest banners, cartoon panels, large-scale projected artist films, photography, graphic novels, and campaign merchandise.

Crip Arte Spazio at La Biennale di Venezia 2024 is the first major international exhibition of the unique and radical UK Disability Arts Movement, curated by David Hevey and produced by Shape Arts.

David Hevey, Curator and Shape’s Creative Director, said: “We want to put the DAM on the international art map! The Disability Arts Movement is one of the most successful political art movements in the world because it helped to achieve rights. To celebrate this, we went gigantic in scale with bespoke flags, huge film screens, and the epic story plastered across the gallery walls. The monument we’ve created makes us regard disabled people as powerful, rather than pitiful.”