Shape has been working with arts and cultural professionals for over 30 years. We support
organisations in London and the UK to help build a more inclusive cultural sector for people
who face barriers in accessing arts and culture, including disabled people. We provide training
programmes and a range of access consultancy services.

Benefits of Working with Shape
• Gain insight on what the sector is doing
• Receive a free consultation on your training and access needs
• Develop your audience and diversify your income
• Gain an understanding of the Social Model of Disability
• Boost and demonstrate confidence in addressing access issues
• Tailor your own support package for your organisation
• Being more inclusive will ensure that visitors are able to access your facilities, events and activities safely, comfortably and confidently.

Shape Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services can help clients become more inclusive through a comprehensive analysis of working
practices, services, staff skills and attitudes:
• Reasonable Adjustment Management
• Inclusion Action Planning
• Policy and Practice Reviews
• Client support, advice and guidance.

Access Services

Our access services help clients identify barriers to access and ways to make necessary adjustments to services and
• Comprehensive Access Audits
• Walk and Talk Access Reviews
• Access Issues Resolution
• Mystery Shopping / Access Testing exercises.

Contact Us
Tel: 020 7424 7330
Email: [email protected]

Access Audits - What We Offer
Shape can offer your organisation or venue Access Assesments, full Access Audits, Access Consultancy Services and Mystery Shopping Services. Find out more about what Access Services we offer.