Strategic aims and plan

We will build on our existing legacy by focusing on five strategic aims:

Work with cultural sector organisations towards promoting greater accessibility and inclusion – opening talent and audience pathways.

Raise the aspirations of disabled people wanting to work and lead in the cultural sector, providing high quality, accessible learning and development opportunities to support their careers.

Support disabled artists to achieve excellence and inspire a new generation of artists to emerge.

Improve the public perception of disabled artists and raise their profile across the UK and internationally, to diverse and growing audiences.

Lead with landmark and influential “game-changer” projects to build our creative and cultural reach, and continue to pioneer the way for disabled and diverse people who face barriers.

Artistic Statement

Our interaction with artists is central to our work, and we support and help to empower disabled artists working across a range of creative disciplines.

We provide professional development opportunities for artists, including mentoring schemes, workshops, talks and networking opportunities, and advice about raising your profile. We provide accessible exhibitions and showcase events, both live and online, where work can be received and recognised, challenged and championed, before diverse and growing audiences.

We are dedicated to working with emerging as well as established disabled artists. We are committed to inclusion and diversity, working with people of all ages and from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds. We run a rigorous and critically acclaimed programme of commissions, bursaries and awards, and are privileged to work with some of the boldest and best artistic and curatorial talent in the UK and beyond. Many of these award-winning artists open new pathways for younger or emerging artists supported within our programme.

We champion high quality art that is ambitious, challenging and intriguing. We celebrate the creative process as well as the finished product. We support the element of risk in making excellent art and we value creative ambition.

We encourage people to get in touch with us about any area of our programme. If you have any queries please e-mail us: [email protected]