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Shape and Turner Contemporary are pleased to announce the seven artists shortlisted for the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary 2016/17. The successful recipient will be announced in October 2016 and will be awarded a 3 month residency at Turner Contemporary, Margate, beginning February 2017, as well as a £7,000 bursary. To be notified of the winner when we make our announcement, and for further updates on the ARMB residency, please sign up to our newsletter at the very bottom of the page.

Following a lengthy selection process, made especially difficult this year thanks to the outstanding level of applications we received, we have shortlisted:

Anna Berry

Anna often works in 3D; her practice revolves around experiences of reality, and how our cognition creates our experience of reality.

Juan delGado

Juan has an extensive body of work, combining photography, installation, film and video relating to the subjects of displacement, landscape and identity.

Ruth Le Gear 

Ruth works across many disciplines, combining sensory approaches to non-physical phenomena with more intuitive ways of understanding them.

David Lock |

David is a painter with a collagist approach who seeks to address contemporary ideas of masculinity.

Oliver MacDonald |

Oliver is a sculptor, predominantly working in the field of large scale works and installations.

Peter Matthews

Peter's practice explores place, time, space, the environment, the romantic and the sublime and also is influenced by a wide variety of contemporary issues from science to astronomy.

Aidan Moesby |

Aidan is an artist, curator and writer whose practice sits at the intersection of the visual arts, wellbeing and technology.

Banner image: Turner Contemporary gallery. Credit: Richard Bryant