We'd love to hear your feedback on Johanna Hedva's GLUT, an online video game we helped produce as part of the Adam Reynolds Award. You can experience the game either by downloading it to your computer or through a video walkthrough via the GLUT website.

Once you’ve watched or played the game, head to the survey link to complete the questionnaire. There will be £25 Foyles e-vouchers available for ten participants! A draw will be made 3 January and winners will be contacted directly.

Complete the survey

Please note that on the website you can access the video game through the download link on the home page. To access the video walkthrough that also has captions and BSL, head to the ‘about’ section and scroll to the bottom.

We really appreciate your feedback as this helps us with future programming.

Banner Image: Screenshot from game play of GLUT. A white, gruesome looking avatar in the shape of a brain or mangled organ crawls its way through black emptiness. Above it, white text reads: the night is precisely the place where we perish interminably and yet can