Join us on Thursday 2 February for the Private View of the 2017 Shape Open 'Power: The Politics of Disability' - an evening drinks reception culminating in the announcement of the winning artist by Yinka Shonibare MBE. The Private View is open to all and free to attend, and will also be the last chance to experience the work in person.

The 2017 Shape Open 'Power: The Politics of Disability' is a group exhibition of artwork created in response to themes such as: how do we creatively challenge the language of power, politics and disability? To what extent do we need art to be a form of political protest? Where do art, disability and politics meet? How powerful are disabled people?

The private view will take place from 6.30 to 8.30pm at The Ecology Pavilion, Mile End Park, 125 Grove Road, E3 5RP, and the exhibition itself will be open all day from 10am. You can find full information, including exhibiting artists, at

Check out some of the 50 artworks that are on display below:

A large cardboard sculpture of the back a person's head stands on the floor of a gallery, with a row of pictures and paintings hanging behind it. The head is cut away at the back to reveal a small cardboard house inside.Image: James Lake - 'Home'

Close-up of a red charity collection box with the words 'Help the Normals' printed on itDolly Sen - 'Help The Normals'

A white porcelain prosthetic dog paw, huamn-sized, with a brown leather strap sits on a white plinth in a sunny room. Another artwork, a large grid of white tiles, sits on the floor behind it.Ulla Bech-Bruun - 'Porcelain Protection'

Skye Shadowlight - 'Shade School' [detail]

Close-up of an old-fashioned wooden school desk with a bonsai tree and a red plastic apple sitting on it

Linda Hubbard - 'Costumes Of War – Pissed Pants Abandoned Medically Discharged British Army Pants'

A large Apple Mac monitor on a shelf on a white wall displaying red and green zig-zagging lines on a blakc background, with another wall-mounted monitor next to itImage: Sophie Hoyle - 'Permastress' 

Painting of an ancient Egyptian lady gazing to one sideImage: Sam Moreno Alamein - '652f (after Robert Ayton, John Kenney, Jorge Nunez)'

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All images c. Andrew Cochrane