This exhibition showcased work that examined many areas of scientific research, development or delivery through artistic practice.

Featured Artists:

Jon Adams
Lorna Giézot
James Lake
Simon Mckeown
Alice Dass


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Exhibition opened by Tony Heaton

The exhibition fed into Shape's current work with The Arts Catalyst through the Wellcome Trust funded project "Specimens to Superhumans." Experts in science-art, The Arts Catalyst has over 15 years' experience engaging artists and the public in work that experimentally and critically engages with science. Over the past two years, our two organisations have been working to bring artists together with scientists, ethicists and clinicians to respond to the issues of bioethics and disability in new and creative ways.

Science-Art was the first of Shape's exhibitions in Deane House Studios to be curated through an open selection.

Selection Committee

Nicola Triscott, Kate Larsen, Ben Fredericks and Tony Heaton

Curated by Ben Fredericks

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