Open: 24 April - 6 May 2012; Tuesday - Sunday, 12-6pm

Prize Announce Evening: 3 May 6:30-8:30pm

Artist Networking: 6 May 4:00-6:00pm

About the Exhibition
Shape in association with Westways Development Trust and our sponsors HSBC would like to invite applications for the Shape Open from artists who have work that comments or makes reference to issues surrounding ideas of disability or its definition as below:

disability, n.
1. gen.
a.Lack of ability (to discharge any office or function); inability, incapacity; weakness.
b. An instance of lack of ability. Chiefly in pl. Now rare.

2. A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities; (as a mass noun) the fact or state of having such a condition.

3. Incapacity in the eye of the law, or created by the law; a restriction framed to prevent any person or class of persons from sharing in duties or privileges which would otherwise be open to them; legal disqualification.

†4. Inability to pay; lack of financial means.

Shape Open Prize of £500 - The Shape Open Prize will be given to the artist with the best work in show as selected by the selection committee
The People's Choice Award of £250 - Will go to the artist whose work has been most voted for by the people visiting the exhibition

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Featured works

1)    Vincent in the Yellow House, 2006, Maureen Oliver

2)    Duck and Bear, 2012, Andrew Cochrane 

3)    Tenacity, 2012, James Feraciour

4)    My father makes me feel a lot better, 2012, Daniel Golding

5)    Playing the hands dealt to me….., 2012, Tracy

6)    Reality, 2010, Sophie Morgan

7)    Painting II, 2011, Christopher Sacre

8)    Able, 2012, Sabrina Kaici

9)    Artha and the Vandellas, 2011, Charlie Pi

10)  Bob, 2011, Graham Miller

11)  Red Series, 2011, Ben Gardner

12)  Disabled Parking Spaces, 2011-12, Pearl Findlay 

13)  Deborah Williams, 2011, Tanya Raabe

14)  Bed head, 2011, Lisa Brown

15)  Untitled, 2012, Alan Ward

16)  A room with no view, 2012, Christopher Samuel

17)  Endless Bind, 2012, Sohaila Baluch

18)  Self Portrait (2011), 2011, Ira

19)  No No No, 2011, Kate Murdoch

20)  Life Death (Reborn), 2011, Katerina Fanouraki

21)  One Sunny Afternoon, 2012, Rebecca Drayson

22)  Anonymous Cheol-Su, North, 2010, Luna Jung-eun Lee - People's Choice winner

23)  Mamadou, Almanzora Riverbank, Palomares, Spain, 2012, John Howard

24)  Blurred Portrait - Ingeun, 2010, Ilsun Maeng - First prize winner (joint)

25)  I can't paint wheelchairs (but I am good at painting sheep), 2011, Jason Wilsher-Mills

26)  Twist, 2009, Adrian Mundy

27)  Consume, 2012, Eugenie Smit

28)  This Is Not Disability Arts (#2), 2011-12, Trish Wheatley

29)  Trapped in this pelvis, 2011, Alexandra Unger

30)  Norman, 2010, Jack Haslam

31)  Dyslexia, 2010-11, Michael Coombs

Video Showreel

32)  Darkness, Bill Balaskas - 2 mins 21 sec

33)  Murmur, Eyesociation (Simon Geal, Simon Purins and Ivan Riches) - 2 mins 57 sec

34)  Carry Each Other, Katya Kravtsova - 9 mins 20 sec

35)  Brute Distinction, Tim Abbott - 58 sec

36)  An Ageing Thing, Lauren Nicholas 2 mins 47 sec - First prize winner (joint)

37)  Born Equal II, Barbara Dougan - 4 mins 11 sec

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"disability, n.". OED Online. September 2011. Oxford University Press. 7 December 2011 <>.

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