Shape present Noemi Lakmaier’s living art installation The Observer Effect in Swiss Cottage Library Gallery.

In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed.

Seated behind a window the artist Noemi Lakmaier is situated in the centre of a room, at a table facing outwards. The walls behind her are lined with shelving units, the floor is covered in 500 pairs of second hand shoes. One by one she paints the shoes slowly, meticulously and methodically in blue road marking paint - a colour recognised for an association with bureaucratic meaning rather than for its aesthetic quality.

The Observer Effect is an endurance based piece, focused on a single, seemingly absurd task. It is performed by the body turned machine, with the sole purpose of transforming once functional footwear into un-wearable art objects.

The Observer Effect raises questions about the value of work, human labour and the role of the individual worker in a society of consumerism and mass-production.

The exhibition runs for 10 days with the artist appearing in the gallery space from 4th-8th September and the installation being open to the public from 9th-13th September. A free Q&A will take place on Thursday 12th.

Performance: Wednesday 4th - Sunday 8th Sept, 10am - 5pm
Installation: Monday 9th - Friday 13th Sept 10am - 5pm
Artist Q&A: 12th Sept 6:30 - 8pm

Booking for this event has now closed.