Join Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary recipient Caglar Kimyoncu as he opens out his residency ideas for consultation with a screening of his film, COnscription (2013).

London-based artist Caglar Kimyoncu is the recipient of the 2015-16 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary, an annual residency opportunity established by disability-led arts organisation, Shape, which is being hosted for the first time in the Midlands region by The New Art Gallery Walsall.

His residency is informed by his perspective as a disabled person and background as the son of a professional soldier. Previous works have focused on the subject of conscientious objection and ‘being different’ in conflict zones. During his residency, Caglar will extend his research into the issue of the militarisation of youth, and seek to provide a space for those voices he identifies to be excluded or marginalised in society.

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