Thursday 26 March
Shape Gallery, Westfield Stratford
With Q-Art crit

This event was live streamed by This Is Tomorrow - you can watch it below, or by clicking here.

Let us know your feedback on the art by tweeting @ShapeArts with #ShapeCrit.


With thanks to This Is Tomorrow.
Video starts at 11 minutes 30 seconds; sound starts at 14 minutes 30 seconds.

Q-Art is an organisation for students, staff, and early career artists that aims to share practice and demystify art education and the art world.  They do this through a programme of panel discussions, books, workshops, and monthly crits across London art colleges and gallery spaces. Q-Art crits are open to artists of all backgrounds and offer a forum for artists to present their work for feedback from an audience and for audiences to see and discuss a diverse range of practices. 

Banner image: Andy Barker

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