Archive: Shape Gallery is very pleased to be hosting live art performances at Westfield Art Week 2014. Here's what we have on:

Monday 4th August: Aaron Williamson

Aaron will be performing (from 12-5, every hour on the hour) a new piece he is developing called 'Demonstrating the World'. Aaron will use a materials budget to purchase items in the shopping centre, which he will then demonstrate to the audience/ visitors outside the gallery.

Tuesday 5th August: Simon Raven

Simon will be performing (from 12-5) a variation on his Obsessive Compulsive Dance. He will invite visitors to dance with him to and from the door of the gallery, or the shopping centre- trying to avoid 'stepping on the cracks' of the pavement.

Wednesday 6th August: Sally Booth 

Sally will be drawing, from an easel, the surroundings outside the gallery (from 12-5). Using canvas, she will draw her surroundings, including the shopping centre and visitors. The finished works will be exhibited in the Shape Gallery in order to continue the legacy of this performance.

Friday 8th August: Noëmi Lakmaier (pictured above)  

Noëmi will be performing 'The Observer Effect' (from 12-5), the living installation which can currently be seen in the Gallery window. The audience will be able to watch Lakmaier live as she puts herself in the public eye, in the shop window, completing the obsessive, repetitive process- meticulously painting hundreds of pairs of shoes with road-marking paint. The Observer Effect will culminate in 500 editioned, yet individual objects, each consisting of a beautifully painted pair of shoes contained in an elegant box, numbered, dated and signed by the artist. These editions can be purchased in the Gallery.

To find out more please contact us via: [email protected]

Booking for this event has now closed.