A panel discussion and opportunity to see the accompanying exhibition. 

How have people in history observed bodily difference differently? As a disabled person, what does it mean to be looked at constantly, to be an unintended performer? And what does it mean to take control of your own representation, as an actor or by drawing your self-portrait?

The exhibition Re-framing Disability uncovers the extraordinary hidden histories behind the17th -19th century portraits of disabled people, many of whom earned a living exhibiting themselves to the public, and looks at their impact today through contemporary responses from 27 disabled participants from across the UK.

The panel, chaired by Shape Chief Executive, Tony Heaton, will include Professor John Howard (King's College London), Re-framing Disability project participant and actress, Sophie Partridge, and Royal College of Physicians curator, Bridget Telfer. The discussion will provide invaluable insight into the exhibition, exploring these questions and the topic 'Public Bodies, Hidden Histories: Disability on Display.' In what way are disabled bodies public bodies?

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