Tony Heaton OBEShape is delighted to be a partner at the 2015 Venice Agendas, which is the preview week of the 56th Venice Biennale. A series of breakfast events and performances, Venice Agendas is curated by workinprogress, and is part of a larger series of events taking place internationally throughout 2015.

Workinprogress are a curational duo consisting of artists Terry Smith and Clare Fitzpatrick, who work together to support innovative activity in contemporary art. Known as international trendsetters in the art world, the pair have created and delivered educational projects, exhibitions, performances and events at national and international venues including the British Film Institute (BFI) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). 

As a part of the programme Shape CEO Tony Heaton OBE will be featured in a discussion entitled Open Borders: Where are you from? An exploration of identity, cultural horizons and whether an artist belongs to one place or is a citizen of the world. Open Borders is one discussion in a group joined under the theme of Crossing Boundaries, and Tony’s particular focus will be on access and geographical barriers for disabled individuals.

“The idea of Open Borders means something different if you are a disabled person or a wheelchair user" says Tony. "The Borders that are closed to many disabled people are largely due to prejudice, fear and discrimination.”

Other prominent artists taking part alongside Tony in Open Borders include Richard DemarcoMarita Isobel SolbergKristin TarnesvikAngela Vettese and Ala Younis.

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