Shape Arts will host a relaxed viewing of our exhibition Cumulative Effect: Disability and the welfare state at Hoxton Arches, alongside a casual networking session for artists and arts professionals.

This event is designed to be more accessible for neurodivergent people, people with anxiety, those who are introverted or might feel less pressured by our relaxed and inclusive environment.
We welcome anyone who might normally feel excluded from traditionally loud and intense arts events, as long as visitors abide by our guidelines for the space.
This event is free to attend.

Networking will be optional, casual and unpressured. We will have colour communication badges on offer, which you will be welcome to use to display your communication preferences to define your social boundaries (and which can be updated throughout the evening, depending on how you feel).

We will have comfortable and quiet resting spaces. Headphones and ear plugs will be available if you want to engage in different noise conditions.

We particularly welcome your feedback on how we might be more inclusive to you. If you have any specific access requirements, thoughts and feedback, or would like a member of Shape staff to meet you at the station, please contact Sara Dziadik at [email protected] or call 02074247330. 

As part of the networking element, we have an optional form for anyone interested - whether you attended the event or not. Details will be e-mailed to a closed group and will not be circulated anywhere else. To fill in this form, click here.

We recognize that this event may be inaccessible to some, but we hope that our aim to create an attitudinal and physical safe space may provide an alternative opportunity to view our exhibition, meet other creatives, and enable artists to connect with one another.

We have based the programming of this event around on the principles of Harry Giles’ Chill Out Corner (with thanks to Harry).

Booking for this event has now closed.