Banner Image: Two arms with slightly open hands reach up from the bottom of the image infront of a white background. The arms have tattoos up to their wrists and wear gold rings. Around the wrists is a fabric set of hancuffs in a cream material with additional black embroidered beads and metal padlocks.

As part of Shape’s artist support and creative collaborations, we are supporting a new exhibition from artist Hattie Porter.

A close up photograph of a delicately and colourfully embroidered model of a human eye. The iris and pupil are facing away from the camera, so the audience is shown the intricate vessels and veins, crafted from rich red thread and adorned with matching small beads.

Made from fabric, thread, and needles smuggled onto the psych ward, the works in this exhibition made by Hattie Porter constitute hours of stitching. Culminating in a tactile, memorable collection of works, The Words Escape Me combines representations of anatomy with personal interpretations of the physical sensation, emotion, and power held within these structures.

Crafted from lived experience, each object in this debut exhibition communicates something indecipherable through language alone, instead inviting the audience to engage through the senses and emotion. The impulse to create is evident in this sensorial encounter; Hattie’s self-defined ‘fundamental need’ to sew and create as means of expression is palpable.

The Words Escape Me is a free exhibition at The Vestibules, Park Street, Bristol from 7 March - 11 March 2022 and has received marketing support from Shape Arts.

Access to The Vestibules: The venue is located in City Hall, just off park street. The venue is wheelchair accessible and seating options will be available within the gallery if required. There is a small slope up to the entrance and the gallery itself is located at the bottom of park street, which is a steep road. There isn't an accessible toilet on site, however accessible toilets are available in the Public Library on College Green, a 5 minute walk away and open until 5pm everyday.

Audio visual descriptions of the artworks will be available. The space itself is large and naturally lit with spotlights on the artworks. Due to the size, the space is a little echoey. Quiet music will be playing. The artworks cover themes of illness and disability, especially mental illness. The artwork is emotive and may be experienced as upsetting by some visitors. I encourage you to consider if you feel able to visit.

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Booking for this event has now closed.