Day Eve Komet was a shortlisted artist for our Emergent 2022 programme.

Day Eve Komet presents Where do your monsters hide? at Camden People's Theatre as part of SPRINT 2023.

Thursday 16th March, 9pm

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Day Eve is a black trans non-binary artist who is also Cloud, a time traveling shape-shifting trickster that wishes to leave planet Earth. Where do your monsters hide? explores their intimate relationship and what it means to be your fullest self in a world that denies and fears your existence.

Where do your monsters hide? is a kaleidoscopic metaphysical dream that blends the invisible and visible and plays with our assumptions on madness and morality. It is a non-linear play that explores the existential condition and the impact of whiteness on the individual’s imagination.

Access Information:

Content Notice
Running Time 40 mins
Wheelchair Accessible
Wheelchair Accessible
Relaxed Performance
Relaxed Performance
Assistance dogs welcome
Assistance Dogs Welcome
Content Notice
Content Notice: Depression, Racism, Mental Health issues. Suitable for 16+
Health Notice
Health Notice: Loud Noises, Alcohol consumed by performers onstage.

Banner Image: A black non-binary person with short dreadlocks and gold glitter covering their face, they sit close to the camera wearing a white shirt and holding a sunflower that is slightly out of focus. Photography by N. Iroh.

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