1991 - Taking Liberties set up by disabled people to fight for the rights of disabled people to gain greater access to art activities in and around the Wigan area
1991 - Yorkshire Disability Arts Forum founded
1991 - Looking Back - an anthology of writing from the Pastures Hospital, South Derbyshire
1991 - David Sowerby Red Hat and No Drawers (National Poetry Foundation)
1991 - Candoco founded by Celeste Dandeker and Adam Benjamin
1991, January - The Workhouse, Oval House
1991, January - Apples and Snakes have funding from Greater London Arts to carry out research on disabled writers and performers
1991, January - Shape London festival Louder than Words organised - to be held at the Orangerie Gallery in Gunnersbury Park in Spring 1991
1991, January - Jackson's Lane Community Centre look for work experience placements for disabled people from their Theatre Training Scheme
1991, 5 January - The Pink Fingers lead a song signing workshop for lesbian and gay people, one of Outcast Theatre Company's winter workshops
1991, February - EUCREA 
1991, February - London Bubble project aims "to introduce hearing actors to BSL, and to offer actors, both hearing and Deaf, the oportunity to explore ways of working together towards discovering a theatrical language accessible to all"
1991, February - Mockbeggar Theatre Co presents In Through the Out Door (touring)
1991, February - Christmas cards for Nottingham Coalition of Disabled People drawn by Maggie Guillon (non-disabled full time carer), from ideas by Trudy, who is disabled
1991, February - Shape London seeks Deaf artist for 6 month residency at St Luke's Woodside Hospital, a residential mental health unit in Finchley. The aim of the project is to produce finished work to be installed in the hospital.
1991, March - Theatre Venture tour Wild Child
1991, March - Mike Oliver The Politics of Disablement 
1991, March - 'Access to Image' exhibition - photographs by David Hevey at National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford
1991, 16 March - 8 June - Wordshape, a creative writing course for young disabled people
1991, March - Shape Hackney with Chat's Palace present Movin' On '91, including 6 March music extravaganza with Colin Thompson
1991, 7 March - 13 April - Louder than Words disability arts festival in Hounslow
1991, March - Theatre Centre sixth annual festival
1991, March - 'A Slice of City Life' photography exhibition by user of Community Focus, a fully accessible wheelchair photography centre in Hendon
1991, March - A Real View festival of disability arts in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
1991, 16 March - The Workhouse, Emerald Centre, Hammersmith
1991, March - Aylesbury Disability Arts '91, presented by Aylesbury Disability Arts Forum
1991, March - The Workhouse, Oval House
1991, March - 'Insights', exhibition of painting by partially sighted artists and other artworks made to be touched, at Arundel Gallery. Organised by The Arts Connection, Portsmouth
1991, March - 'Beyond the Barriers', work by three disabled photographers: Mary Duffy, David Hevey and Johnny Gathercole. Held at Bradford Community Arts Centre, organised by In-Valid?
1991, March - Graeae Theatre Company and Greenwich Young People's Theatre present Revenge by the Riversiders, a group of 25 young disabled people, founded 1988 to offer access to the arts for young disabled people in Greenwich
1991, March - Leeds University holds Disability Awareness Week. Performers include the Big Bad Blue/Tragic But Brave Show, Fish Out of Water, No Excuses, and Co-Sign
1991, April - First eition of Disability Arts Magazine, funded for a 12-month trial period by four northern Regional Arts Associations in England and the Arts and Disability budget of the Arts Council of Great Britain
1991, 3-13 April - Path Productions Yellow, a children's show
1991, April - Graeae Writers' Project runs a series of workshops for disabled writers at Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend
1991, May - Greenwich Young People's Theatre present Past Caring. Three disabled actors play parts not labelled disabled
1991, May - 'Hanging Up in Hounslow', exhibition of professional artists at Louder than Words festival
1991, May - Phalanx (Herts Coalition of Disabled People) present The Tragic But Brave Roadshow, at Poplars Community Centre, Stevenage
1991, May - The Bombing Fields, Colchester community play by disabled writer Kaite O'Reilly, and featuring a number of local disabled people
1991, 16-18 May - Smokescreen, new devised play by Carousel, Oval House
1991, 12 May - Co-Sign present Fearless Knights, Unicorn Theatre
1991, 28 May - 1 June - Les Pierres Real sign poetry, synchronised by native-born signers
1991, May - Cleveland Disability Arts Forum launched
1991, June - Northern Shape changes its name to Equal Arts, "to reflect more accurately its new policy influencing role: to enourage equal opportunities in the professional arts for and by disabled people and under-represented groups"
1991, June - Stream Records launch new mail order scheme, showcasing a range of musical disability culture
1991, 22-23 June - Stand by your Bed, a play by Camden People First at Jackson's Lane Community Centre
1991, 26 June - The Workhouse, 48 Boundary Road
1991, 28-29 June - Final shows of The Art of Framing by Strathcona Theare Company, Tricycle Theatre
1991, June - 'Lavender Ripples 2', for disabled lesbians and their friends
1991, June - Joe Bidder Matter of Life and Death, at Pub Zero
1991, June - Booster Cushion Theatre presents Never Judge a Book by its Cover 
1991, June - 'Through the Waves', Isle of Wight Deaf Projects
1991, June - Unicorn Theatre runs workshops for Deaf playwrights
1991, July - First Block Telethon demonstration, led by the Campaign Against Patronage - a mixture of disabled political activists and disability artists
1991, July - Graeae Theatre Company appoints its first disabled artistic director, Ewan Marshall
1991, July - The Workhouse, Waltham Forest Theatre
1991, 15-27 July - Exhibitions of paintings by Michael Solomons at Willyouts Centre, Potters Bar
1991, 6 July - LDAF meeting of disabled visual artists
1991, July - First Disability Arts Day for people in Humberside, includes seminars and the Tragic But Brave Roadshow
1991, July - Launderette of Desire, record by Bradford duo Clocks and Clouds
1991, 13 September - Mustn't Grumble presents The Unlucky for Some Cabaret, at Bradford Community Arts Centre. Part of Bradford Festival 1991
1991, 21 September - LDAF Euroday, Tottenham Green Centre
1991, September - All In Your Head, a video about epilepsy by Jo Pearson
1991, September - My Army - one man show by Deaf actor Tim Barlow, touring until October 1991
1991, 6 October - Milton Keynes Disability Arts and Sports Festival
1991, 29 October - Tragic But Brave Roadshow, at Stratford Civic Hall, Birmingham
1991, October - Artshare Avon produce Adlib News
1991, 11-26 October - Leeds International Film Festival
1991, October - Francis Halloran Hydra's Circus, Artshare South West
1991, October -  Walsall Museum and Art Gallery seek exhibitors for 'Challenging Stereotypes', to be held in late 1992, touring 1993
1991, October - Valid quareterly magazine from In-Valid?, Bradford's disability arts group
1991, November - Survivors Poetry founded to promote poetry workshops and performances for and by survivors of the mental health system
1991, November - Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre present An Old Angel or The Old Dreams of Flying and Since Then (touring)
1991, 16 November - Survivors' Poetry 
1991, 20 November - Disability Arts and Culture Seminar held by Shape, in liaison with the Open University and Disability Arts in London magazine
1991, November - 8 disabled people arrested outside TV studios in Leeds, demonstrating about Children in Need
1991, December - New Heart n Soul show The Power of Life
1991, December - BCODP publish Disabled People in Britain: A Case for Anti-discrimination Legislation
1991, 19 December - Disaret Club, Chat's Palace
1991, December - Arts Special Info (Strathclyde) - a directory of information for the use of artists and groups with additional needs to set up their own arts projects
1991, December - A group of disabled artists, writers, and representatives from arts organisations and statutory bodies in the North-East meet and decide to launch a Disability Arts Forum in the area: NorDAF
1991, December - Revealed by johnny Crescendo - a book of poems, song lyrics and pictures of the author as a child. Self-published.