1992 - Humberside Disability Arts Forum formed. Disability Arts Shropshire (DASh) formed as part of Shropshire Disability Consortium (SDC)
1992, 27 January - Kwabena Gyedu, Ghanaian disability artists, gives a slide presentation of his paintings at Arts Council
1992, February - The Tokens, Disaret Club at Chat's Palace
1992, 12 February - 13 June - Graeae Theatre Company present Hound by Maria Oshodi, directed by Ewan Marshall. Tours nationally at 31 venues.
1992, February - Evelyn Street photomural by Katherine Araniello, Veronica Pakenham, Kate Brown and Sue Elsegood, with non-disabled colleagues
1992, 25 February - Workhouse Poetry Cabaret Night
1992, 21 February - Premiere of Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre Lunera. Tours nationally.
1992, 24 February - 28 March - showcase of drawings by Gioya Steinke and paintings by Carolyn James, at Old Town Hall, Richmond
1992, March - Louder Than Words '92 - festival of disability arts in Hounslow, Richmond and Ealing
1992, 14 March - Disabled Women Celebrate, including workshops, displays and No Excuses cabaret. At Southville Centre, Bristol
1992, 16-21 March - Go, Go, Go '92: Movin' On Festival. Includes Graeae Theatre Company, Heart n Soul The Power of Life, and Grand Finale with Johnny Crescendo, Timothy Sagosz, and Rupa Sarka (MC) 
1992, 5 March - Women's Workhouse for International Women's Day, Oval House
1992, 14 March - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre
1992, March - Carl Campbell Dance Co 7, Commonwealth Institute
1992, March - Exhibition of art by European disabled artists, Stoke on Trent City Museum and Art Gallery
1992, 22-29 March - Channel Four Disability Week
1992, 26 March - 'The Creatures Time Forgot' - photography and disability imagery book by David Hevey, published by Routledge. Part of a wider project that also includes an exhibition at Camerawork, a series of posters, a training pack and keynote conference
1992, April - Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre leading Easter Week Project with young people at Slough Deaf Club
1992, April - Grandchildren of Albion and Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre
1992, April - Disaret Club, Chat's Palace
1992, April - Disability Arts Magazine becomes the first arts organisation run, staffed and controlled entirely by disabled people to obtain revenue funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain. During this year the magazine changes its name to DAM
1992, 26 May to 29 May - Graeae Theatre Company launch Graeae Youth Theatre
1992, 14 May - Benefit run by Powerhouse, a women-only Workhouse, for a Powerhouse women's group in Newham trying to raise funds to set up a safe house for women with learning difficulties who are being harassed, threatened or attacked by men. At West Ham Town Hall
1992, May - Rainbows in the Ice, poetry collection by 17 disabled writers, published by Crocus Books
1992, 30 May - Show of Hands Theatre tour Wilde Tales, including 2 Deaf and 3 non-Deaf actors
1992, May - Thriller by Charles Hampton, a signed musical of mystery, song and dance
1992, 16 May - Nationa Disability Arts Forum AGM, including cabaret with The Jarrow Elvis Roadshow, Tragic But Brave, The Northern Writers Workshop, No Excuses, and Tom Shakespeare
1992, 9 May - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre. Featuring Anna Neeter (MC and poet), Joseph Houghey (singer and musician), Leah Thorn (performer) and John Rety (anarchic poet)
1992, 7 May - 12 July - Neti-Neti tours Shabbash by Penny Casdagli and Mina Mokid, in English, sign language and Bengali
1992, 17 June - The Workhouse, at Kingstonian Football Club, Kingston Upon Thames. Featuring Isobel Ward (music), Diane Miller (comedy), The Survivors - Peter Campbell, Razz and Sam (performance poetry), Johnny Crescendo (singer) and Elspeth Morrison (MC)
1992, 6 June - Survivors' Poetry at Hampden Community Centre. Featuring P.J.Fahy (MC, poet and musician), Ifigenija Zagorinik (poet), Dave Russel (musician and poet) and Billy Childish (poet)
1992, 26-28 June - Conference on Theatre and Disability, at Owens Park, Manchester
1992, 18 July - Second 'Block Telethon' demonstration. Tony Heaton's 'Shaken not Stirred' (commissioned by LDAF Euroday) repeated as part of press launch
1992, July - Survivors' Poetry - From Dark to Light, edited by Bangay, Bidder and Porter. Published by Survivors Press
1992, July - Freewheelin', new tape by Ian Stanton, with Stream Records. Includes 'A Bloody Funny Way', 'The Glee Club', 'Tragic But Brave' and 'A Message from Telethon'
1992, 20 July - Inmates by Allan Sutherland and Stuart Morris - pilot for situation comedy set in a long-stay institution for disabled people
1992, August - Demonstration against faith healer Morris Cerullo
1992, August - John Wilson appointed Shape London Deaf Arts Development Officer
1992, 8 August - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre. Featuring Neil Sparkes (MC and poet), Elaine Randell (poet), Peter Street (poet) and Jana Heller (singer/musician)
1992, August - Basic Theatre Co present Gary at Edinburgh. Production tours in 1993
1992, 12 September - Jazz and Blues Workhouse special
1992, September - Splash Productions present Disability Arts Cabaret. Featuring Fish Out of Water (music), Isobel Ward (music), Charles Ward (music), Charles Hampton (signed song)
1992, September - Graeae Theatre Company launches new theatre workshop for young people
1992, 28 September-3 October Deafest '92 - A look at the achievements of deaf education and at the work and success of local deaf people, At Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. Includes Deaf Music, led by Paul Whitaker, Red Ladder Theatre, Token Gestures and Sonic Boom, the Crucible's own Deaf Youth Theatre
1992, September - Launch of Graeae Youth Theatre Initiative, following appointment of Caroline Lucas as Training Development Co-ordinator as a response to the lack of training opportunities for disabled actors
1992, September - Claire Collison's photographic pieces on show at Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, as part of Autumn Photography Season
1992, September - Samena Rana dies
1992, October - BCODP report Disabling Imagery in the Media - An exploration of the principles for media representation of disabled people
1992, 7 October-5 December - Graeae Theatre Company present A Kind of Immigrant by Firdaus Kanga, directed by Ewan Marshall. 
Cast: Mark Beer, Rashid Karapiet, Jeremey Killick, Shan Stevens. An honest, sensual and often amusing account of a young man's sexual awakening. Tours nationally at 23 venues.
1992, October - Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival
1992, 3 October - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre. Featuring Razz (MC and poet), Mother Courage (music duo), Melanie Thompson (poet), Joe Bidder (poet)
1992, 4 October - Celebrate LDAF Workhouse Cabaret, Waltham Forest Disability Celebration Festival. Includes Maggie Woolley (compere), Rupa Sarka (poet), Claire Graydon Jones (vocalist) with Francis Rwama (jazz pianist), Tokens (lesbian a capella), Dot Miles (signed poetry) and Heart n Soul Experience
1992, October-November - 'Dreams of the Absurd', an exhibition of paintings by Colin Hambrook at The Real Art Company, Portobello Road 
1992, November - Strathcona Theatre Company present Still Crazy After All These Years
1992, 27 November - Talk by Scottish disabled artist Brian Jenkins about his issue-based photographic work and his current project at Hereward College on disability and self-representation, at Ikon Gallery Birmingham
1992, 20 November - Level Access Cabaret with Johnny Crescendo and the Entertainers, at Dog and Fox, Wimbledon. Organised by Merton PHAB Club
1992, November - Stream Records present a new and exciting disability arts cabaret. Featuring Isobel Ward, Fish Out of Water, Charles Hampton, Mik Scarlet (compere) 
1992, November - Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre 5th Anniversary Tour - Waiting, a piece for 2 dancers (deaf and hearing) and a musician. A combination of sign-dance-theatre, symbolism and expressionistic dance 
1992, 9 December - The Invisible Cabaret Show, first chance to see Invisible Cabaret, a new performance group of disabled women present an evening of drama, poetry, song and comedy inspired by their lives. At The Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne
1992, December - LDAF Christmas Celebration, Workhouse. Featuring Mandy Colleran, Francis Rwama, Marvel Opara, Raina Haig, Franz Shealey, Colin Thompson
1992, December - Set up for Positive Images project at Vauxhall Centre Media Group, Norwich, for completion in May 1993. This is a photographic, art and literature resource created and run by disabled people. To be mounted on portable display boards hired out to schools, conferences and venues.