1997, 16 January - 14 February - 'Recognition: A Disability Arts Exhibition', co-ordinated by Stoke Newington Arts Project, Stoke Newington Library. Artists include Moira Coupe, Monica Close, J. Louise Bibby, Rosie Bissett and Aidan Shingler.
1997, January - Crippen cartoon calendar produced. Also avaible from Crippen Publications: Crippen cartoon postcardsm The Thoughts of Chairman Crippen, A Barnacle on Yur Bill (includes cartoon published for the Rights Now campaign), and Previously Published, a collection of some of the work published in the disability press and on film and TV.
1997, 18 January - Survivors' Poetry, at Hampden Community Centre. Featuring Leah Thorn (MC/poet), Ray Wilmott, Michelle Taylor (poet), and A.J. Murray (singer).
1997, February - Sweet, Sour and Serious, illustrated anthology by Survivors' Poetry Scotland.
1997, February - Speaking Our Minds: An Anthology, a collection of writing by over fifty people who have experienced mental distress. Published by Macmillan.
1997, 8 February - 16 March - Barriers, at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. Exhibition considering physical, sensory and intellectual limitation and its effect on personal art practice. Artists include Hilda Clea, Lea Anders, Andrani Ash, Deborah Batt, John Bellany, Clarissa Beothy, India Campbell, Root Cartwright, Helen Chambers, Gary Goodwin, E.J. Grose, June Heap, Andrew Holmes, Sophie Horton, Douglas Hunter, Kathleen Hyndman, Bran Jenkins, Alison Jones, Ashley McCormick, Jenni Meredith, Anne Redmond, Sally Sedgewick, Neil Taylor, Jane Watt and Aaron Williamson.
1997, February - Margaret Mitchell presents a new series of Secondary Stigmas, Watershed, Bristol. Until 31 March.
1997, 8 March - LDAF presents Disabled Women in Camden, an evening of music and poetry on International Women's Day at Diorama. Featuring Julie McNamara (MC), Alison Smith, Paulette Ng, Doreen Pritchard, Ruth Harris, Em the Hag.
1997, 10-15 March - LDAF presents Disabled/Women - a festival of disabled women artists, at Turtle Key Arts Centre. Includes an exhibition of installation work and photographs by Claire Collinson and Margaret Mitchell, arts workshops, available to disabled women only, and Deliverance, a new play by disabled playwright Cathy Gibson, peformed by LDAF's own Really Disabled Theatre Company. 'Deliverance! A disabled child is born. She grows. She's kidnapped and kept prisoner at the Special School Circus. She appears on Deliverance! The television show where you, the audience, decides which of us lives or dies. She starts to think. She breaks out.'
1997, March - Toucan Touch by Michelle Taylor, book of poems. 
1997, March - 5 April - Isolation and Domestos by Brendan Wilson.
1997, 15 March - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre.
1997, April - The Green Leaf Group, a group of performers with learning disabilities from Lambeth, perform in The Green Leaves Show.
1997, 19 April - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre.
1997, April - 3 May - 'A Journey of Difference - Painting the Experience of Disability' exhibition by Sally Sedgwick, at Gateshead Central Library.
1997, April - A Different Life by Lois Keith, published by April Livewire, The Women's Press young adults imprint.
1997, 24 April - High Time - Art Against Prejudice, Bristol's first disability arts festival. Includes the launch of Art + Power.
1997, May - 'Closed Circuits, Open Readings', photography by Mary Duffy, Johnnie Gathercole, Claire Collison, Margaret Mitchell. Poetic response by Dennis Casling. Part of High Time: Art Against Prejudice.
1997, May - Graeae Theatre Company present What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton, directed by Ewan Marshall. Touring the country throughout May, at Jackson's Lane 3-6 June, Oval House 11-21 June.
1997, May - Strathcona Theatre Company present An Error of Judgement - 'a moving, disturbing, funny and thought-provoking look at the judicial injustice exacted against learning disabled people.'
1997, May - Tottering Bipeds Theatre Company present Waiting for Godot with Jamie Beddard and Simon Startin. Tours nationally. Performances at Old Bull Arts Centre, Barnet and Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford cancelled after Beckett estate refused permission while Peter Hall's producition was playing in the West End.
1997, May - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre.
1997, 'Until Autumn' exhibition by Keith Armstrong. Computer and photographic work at the Eden Restaurant.
1997, May - 'A Day in the Life Of...', exhibition resulting from giving disposable cameras to 750 disabled people throughout the East Midlands, asking them to take photos of any aspect of their lives. The largest disability arts event ever to have taken place in the UK. At Snibston Discovery Park, 7 May - 1 June, Djanogly Gallery, and Nottingham University Campus. The original photographs have been stored - former participants or archivists can contact [email protected] 
1997, 23 June - 6 July - DASH '97 'Celebrate the Difference'
1997, 15 June - LDAF presents 'The Really Disabled Street Show' in Stoke Newington Midsummer Festival. Featuring Mat Fraser, Caroline Parker, Mike Higgins and Shirley Ogiste.
1997, 23 - 28 June - UP STAGE '97, disabled young people's performing arts festival, at Turtle Key Arts Centre. Including Deaf Arts Fusion: Alice in Wonderland reworked by Cathy Woolley into an ineractive multimedia performance. Including Cabarave: Suzy Babbington, Shakani, Theatre Provocateur, Lisa Hammond, The Piccadilly Hammers, Natalie Hypocrite, supported by Ogechi Eguena, Damon Rose, Ruth Green, The Cowboy Kickers, Ayoka and Clive Cherrington (MCs). Co-ordinated by Maria Oshodi.
1997, June - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre.
1997, June - Take Note! Live at the Union Chapel CD, featuring 14 live performances from disabled musicians. Includes Klub Mundi, Baluji Shrivastav, Johnny Crescendo, Super Disken, Mark Rowland, Eroticis, Nabil Shaban, Grateful Dub, Plastic Anorexic, The Treefellas, Wise Wound, Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters, David Little and Iain Matheson.
1997, July - Johnny Crescendo 'Tragic but Brave Show' back on the road after a three year break.
1997, July - Radio Times 2 'Three hours of non-stop music from today's hottest disabled artists', at Victoria Embankment Gardens. Featuring Mat Fraser, Peter Sturdy, Francis Rwama, Caroline Parker, Julie McNamara, Ayoka, THWOTH, Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters.
1997, July - Theatre Provocateur presents The Fire Brothers 30s, featuring Liam O'Carroll and Andrew McLay.
1997, 16 July - 'Deaf Dimensions' photography exhibition, at Cramlington Library. Featuring the work of seven young Deaf Artists produced at workshops run partly by the Northern Disability Arts Forum.
1997, 16-27 July - exhibition from Nancy Willis. 'These works, created in the past ten years, arise from my experience of life as a disabled woman. Using mixed-media, i try to find images that give an outward form for my inner world of seeing and imagination' - Nancy Willis.
1997, July - Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre.
1997, August - the following artists are selected for Postal Strike: Kate Adams, Fiametta Alley, Ben Cove, Moira Coupe, Libby Curtis, Fehmeeda Jafarey, Audrey Marshall, Margaret Mitchell, Juliet Prentice, Tanya Raabe, Donald Rodney, Nancy Willis, Steve Cribb.
1997, 13-14 September - 'Take Note! 3' music festival. A weekend festival of music ranging from techno to lounge, rock to folk, hosted by Union Chapel, one of London's most dramatic arts venues presented by Shape London and Islington Council. Featuring Julie McNamara, Val Stein and Camila Canantata, Johnny Crescendo, Iain Matheson, Body and Soul, pupils from Richard Cloudeskey School, Fresh Tracks, Plastic Anorexic, Mat Fraser and Ayoka, Super Disken, Peter Sturdy, pupils from Samuel Rhodes School and the London Symphony Orchestra, Garry Robson and Terry Swan.
1997, 20 September - Independence Festival 1997. Featuring Ian Stanton, Julie McNamara, Johnny Crescendo, Mat Fraser, Natalie Markham and Mandy Colleran (comperes).
1997, September - Survivors' Poetry
1997, October - Survivors' Poetry
1997, October - Strathcona Theatre Company present Change of Heart
1997, 11-23 November - 'Incarceration Installation' multimedia arts installation, at Shoreditch Town Hall. Includes work by Norma Pearson, Lee Squires and Graham Cunningham amongst others.
1997, 15 November - Inmates by Allan Sutherland and Stuart Morris, BBC Radio Four. A ninety minute play set in a long stay institution for disabled people, starring disbaled actors Matthew Fraser, Daryl Beeton, Jonathan Keeble, Gerard McDermot, Mandy Colleran, Mandy Redvers-Higgins and Dave Kent.
1997, November - Survivors' Poetry
1997, November - Cabaret for International Day of Disabled People, at Brent Advocacy Concerns. Featuring Karen Shook (MC), Flexible Friends, Damon Rose, Martin Davies and Jurg Heiniger, and Ayoka.
1997, December - Survivors' Poetry