2005, 14 January - 16 February - 'The Way Ahead', exhibition of road signs by Caroline Cardus starts a national tour, Faith House, Holton Lee 
2005, January - 'Dreams My Father Sold Me', poems and graphic art of Nabil Shaban.
2005, January - DASh set up Digital Now II project to encourage the development of Digital Art skills for disabled people
2005, 3 February - Alison Lapper and Tanya Raabe discuss the portayal of beauty and identity in the context of disability arts, Whitechapel Art Gallery
2005, February - Holton Lee assembles a Project Team to further develop and plan for the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive. Director Tony Heaton said: "Presently there is no central place in the UK to see and understand the history and culture of the Disabled Peoples movement and Disability Arts; this heritage is in danger of disappearing or being misrepresented. The project will articulate this social phenomenon and give disabled people and those interested in the social and psychological development of this culture a centre of excellence for study. This will be the first national archive of its kind."
2005, March - Disabled filmmakers and supporters party outside London's Cafe de Paris in protest against the exclusion of filmmaker Liz Crow from the closing night party of the Birds Eye View film festival.
2005, 31 March - Dada South, newly formed disability arts development agency, hold their launch event, Fabrica Art Gallery, Brighton. Featuring Ruby Slippers, a photograph by Caroline Cardus; an object installation by Noëmi Lakmaier; a film by Gary Thomas; a film installation by Caroline Ward; a dance film by Laura Jones; poetry reading by Sean Burn.
2005, April - Shape completes its Arts Venues Access Auditor Training programme, designed to address the current scarcity of deaf and disabled people working as Access Auditors.
2005, April - Shape, in partnership with Arts and Business, launches its Arts Bursary Scheme, a new professional development programme for disabled artists.
2005, April-May - 'Giants', an exhibition charting the history of the disability movement, exploring how disabled people have been medicalised, marginalised and incarcerated.
2005, May - Fittings: The Last Freakshow opens at Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton. Prior to the opening, local Liberal Democrat councillor Malcolm Gwinnett calls for the show to be banned.
2005, 12 June - Liz Crow's film Frida Kahlo's Corset screens at Tate Modern as part of 'Angel of Fire', the Frida Kahlo Film Programme. Screenings also on 10 July, 7 August, 4 September and 9 October.
2005, 20 June - Aaron Williamson The Staircase Miracles (2005) and Simon Raven The Filmmaker's Way (2005) screened at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
2005, 21-22 June - 'Abnormally Funny People!', a new show with Simon Minty, Liz Carr, Chris McCausland, Steve Day, Tanya Lee Davis, Steve Best. 21-22 June at Soho Theatre, 26-28 July at Jackson's Lane, 3-28 August at Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh.
2005, June - Launch of 'Inside Out', an online exhibition exploring the relationship between disability and architecture, using a team of artists to make a work responding to places and spaces in the South East.
2005, June - Paddy: A Life, transcription poems by Allan Sutherland, based on an oral history interview with Paddy Masefield.
2005, June - The Edward Lear Foundation releases the Chronology of Disability Arts. Compiled by Allan Sutherland, this chronology covers the major events of disability arts from the movement's inception in the late 1970's to the end of March 2003. It is subsequently published onlince by DAO, NDAF, DASh and others.
2005, July - Shape present 'Open The Door', a series of disability access seminars in London for anyone who works in the arts, creative and leisure sectors. The programme was designed to answer all the question that the arts and entertainment sectors have about making their venues accessible to disabled people. First three seminars cover: Disability Equality Seminar, Deaf Awareness Seminar, and Customer Care Training.
2005, 21 June - 30 July - Jo Spence 'Works from the Archive', Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow
2005, August - Shape's Deaf Theatre Academy, a theatre summer school for Deaf adults taught in British Sign Language.
2005, 11 August - Adam Reynolds dies, two days before his piece Sisyphus with Sign Dance Collective, was to be performed in front of Tate Modern.
2005, 16-20 August - Pig's Sister, written by Julie McNamara and directed by Jessica Higgs, in association with Theatre Workshop, Degenerate 3.
2005, September - Signdance Collective announce two films called Secret Signs, created during a residency in Birmingham, and featuring well known BBC presenters working with members of Signdance Collective
2005, September - Funding cut to Survivors' Poetry
2005, 3 September - Liberty, London's Disability Rights Festival, at Trafalgar Square, London. Includes performances by Blue Eyed Soul, Dead Beat International, Sign Dance Collective, Besta Vista Social Club, Caroline Parker, Heart n Soul Club Posse, Mat Fraser, Minika Green, Totlyn Jackson, Susan Hedges, Unity & Devision, and The Way Ahead exhibition by Caroline Cardus.
2005, 8 September - Launch of 'Eclectic', LDAF's third visual arts exhibition at ICI Corporate Centre, London. Artists exhibiting include Helen McConnell, Rachel Duerden, Roger Maycox, Tony Heaton, Kate Wells, James Lake, Alice Dass, Mike Juggins, Cathy Woolley, Mary Ellen Archer, Maureen Oliver, Ursula Pfister, James Hall, Elmoudni Abderrahmane, Theresa Kiyota Rahman, David C. Williams.
2005, September - Marc Quinn's sculpture Alison Lapper Pregnant installed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.
2005, September-October - September/October issue of DAIL magazine marks the Chronology of Disability Arts by reprinting Allan Sutherland's introductory text.
2005, 19 September - 27 November - Mind the Gap present Of Mice and Men, adapted by Mike Kenny from John Steinbeck's novel - production tours.
2005, 1 November - 12 December - Xposure 05, London Disability and Deaf Arts Festival, at Jacksons Lane. Half Moon Young People's Theatre Mermaid and the Mirror, Mind The Gap present an adaptation of Of Mice and Man by Mike Kenny, and an exhibition of work by German photographer Sabine Gruhn.
2005, 24 November - 3 December - DaDaFest 5
2005, November - December - Seventh Disability Film Festival. Includes Nightmare On Old Street, about a wheelchair soccer team, Back to Bombay, exploring issues of deafness in Inda, and What Do Stick People Wear Under Their Clothes?, a 2-minute short which aims to give the 'definitive answer to this burning question'.