2006 - Shape celebrates its 30th birthday. Shape was born out of frustration with the exclusion of the 70s and 80s, and grew up surrounded by prejudice and ignorance. It is, therefore, no surprise that Shape developed a militant edge in those early days, having to fight a hostile political climate to get disability rights recognised on anyone's agenda.
2006, January - Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire given MBE for 'services to art' in New Year's Honours List.
2006, January - Strength: Broadsides from Disability on the Arts Paddy Masefield. Published by Trentham Books. Foreword by Lord Puttnam. Specialist bibliography, directory and chronology of Disability Arts by Allan Sutherland. Consultant Editors Dr Scilla Dyke MBE FRSA, Julie McNamara BA FRSA, Dr Alastair Niven OBE, Adrian Phillips, Sarah Scott and Allan Sutherland.
2006, January - 'We Are Here!' exhibition by members of FASED, including Aidan Shingler, Tan Draig, Annie Delin and Dave Everitt. At various sites in Derby, including Q Arts, Derby Dance Centre and the Guildhall.
2006, 15 February - South West Disability Film Festival. The best of the London Disability Film Festival, including Harvie Krumpet (Australia, 2003), 21 Things to Remember (UK, 2003), Waiting for Ronald (USA, 2003), Nectar (UK, 2005), Afterlife (UK, 2003). At Exeter Pheonix.
2006, February - 'Access to Culture for Disabled and Deaf People in London', Shape report commissioned by the Mayor's Office.
2006, 15-16 March - The Dis:cover ! Conference - disability explored, exposed, exhibited
2006, March - 'Beam', a month of events showcasing nationally acclaimed learning disabled artists working in theatre, dance, film, music, visual arts and club nights.
2006, 14 March - 'Octopus Crew With a Licence to Kill', at Club Evolution, Kirkstall, Leeds. The Beautiful Octopus Club's 007th appearance at Club Evolution. DJs from The Octopus Crew and Heart n Soul, Heart n Soul's Clubs Posse (singing and digital arts) and the Beautiful Octopus Band. Also includes Leeds-based Interplay Theatre, and music by Jex Colbourne.
2005, 25 March - 4 May - 'Beyond the Asylum', Faith House, Holton Lee. Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Rachel Gadsden.
2006, March-April - 'Space Between' exhibition, commissioned by Artshape. Tour includes WWT Slimbridge Glos, Brewhouse Theatre Taunton, Holton Lee Arts Centre Dorset and Salisbury Library and Galleries. Includes Jon Adams works 'Intrusion structure 11' and 'Dyslexic Library'
2006, April - West Midlands Disability Arts Forum's board decide to close the company.
2006, 17 May - Shape's 'The Colour of Music' project. This series of Theatre in Education workshops for 25 deaf children and young people from Oak Lodge School, enabled the student to explore their creativity, increase their confidence, and get emotionally involved in art and music.
2006, 1 May - First Blogging against Disablism Day
2006, 5 May - The Drill Hall presents Signs of a Diva by Nona Shepphard, national tour. Performed by Caroline Parker, directed Jenny Sealey and Nona Shepphard
2006, May - Anna Marie Heslop, a learning disabled actor and founding member of Mind the Gap, gains a part in BBC's daytime drama Doctors.
2006, May - DaDaFest wins Partnership Annual Tourism Awards 'Best Small Event' Award.
2006, June - Graeae Theatre Company presents Blasted by Sarah Kane. With David Toole, Daryl Jackson, Gerard McDermott and Jennifer Jay Ellison.
2006, 9 June - Arts and music festival at Holton Lee, Dorset. Includes Signdance Collective, 'But Beautiful', with Luke Barlow Band, plus Bournemouth-based The Viff and exhibition 'Elemental Landscapes'
2006, 23 June - Paddy Masefield workshop for aspiring disabled writers at The Winchester Writers' Conference. This is the first in a series following the publication for Masefield's new book Strength: Broadsides from Disability on the Arts, Trentham Books. Also tours to Dartington, Ilkley, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
2006, 28 June - Deborah A Williams masterclass for experienced performers/writers.
2006, July - Jim Fixed It For Me, book by Laurence Clark
2006, 6 July - Opening of Theatre Museum exhibition marking Graeae's 25th anniversary
2006, 10 July - Paddy Masefield workshop for aspirant disabled writers at Dartington's Way With Words Literature Festival
2006, August-December - When to Run by Sophie Woolley. National tour, launching at Edinburgh Festival, then touring York, Ilkley Literature Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London, All Saints centre Lewes, and Birmingham Repertory. 
2006, August - 'Giants', photographed by David Hevey, designed by Helena Roden, produced by Shape. At North Edinburgh Arts Centre, then touring Edinburgh throughout the festival.
2006, September - Shape's 'Link Up' project supports deaf and disabled people seeking work in the creative industries.
2006, 2 September - Liberty, London's Disability Rights Festival, at Trafalgar Square, London. Celebrates 20 years of the London Disability Arts Forum and includes performances by: CandoCo, Johnny Crescendo and Andy Morgan, Marlo Donato, The Heroes, Carousel, Ramesh Meyyappan, Creative Routes, Rory Heap, and Kickin' Kangaroo Club.
2006, 8 September - 22 October - Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson present The Disabled Avant Garde Today! at Gasworks Gallery, Vauxhall Street, London. Collaborative exhibition of video works and paintings, revisiting the work of such practictioners as Leigh Bowery, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tom and Jerry, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Simon and Garfunkel, Martin Kippenberger and Busby Berkeley.
2006, 21 September - Shape launch 'Open the Door Campaign', at Unicorn Theatre. Improved access to London's creative industries for disabled people.
2006 October - 2007 October - London Disability Arts Forum's fourth year-long exhibition of works by disabled visual artists at ICI headquarters. At Manchester Square, London.
2006, October - Shape launches training course in arts journalism for disabled peoople, led by Allan Sutherland.
2006, 4 October - Deafinitely Theatre presents 'Dysfunction', at The Albany, Deptford.
2006, 14 November - 12 December - DaDaFest is the largest celebration of disability and deaf art in the UK, bringing together internationally-acclaimed professional artists, local home-grown talent, and up-and-coming young artists.