James Hodgson

James is a Freelance Arts and Fundraising Specialist, and current Managing Director of Sydenham Arts, a combined arts charity operating in South East London. He is also a director of third sector consultancy business 111 Collectiff and a practising artist.
James' experience includes working across a range of arts venues, and as a consultant to charities in sectors including criminal justice, the arts, wellbeing, training and social justice within BAMER and marginalised groups.
He has overseen major projects including the renovation of Hoxton Hall, a unique Victorian music hall in the heart of East London, and redevelopment and delivery of a Multi Arts festival on the Sussex coast.

With a history of working in community-focussed art venues, James is passionate about the promotion of equality and access to the arts for everyone.

He is a practising conceptual artist, producing sculptural, performance and visual art, examples of which can be found at www.jameshodgsonart.com. Recent exhibitions include Refraction (Raw Labs, Docklands), and The Leyden Gallery (Whitechapel).