Photograph of Mandi, a middle-aged white woman with short blonde hair, stood in front of a blossoming tree.Mandi is a disabled artist who specialises in Printmaking. She currently lives between St Ives and London whilst studying a MA in Print at the Royal College of Art where she is a Leverhulme Scholar. Mandi is a largely self-taught artist who turned to printmaking later in life following life changing treatment for cancer. She had previous career as a Welfare Rights worker and a Social Worker.

Mandi explores a range of autobiographical and political issues within her practice. Her current work considers identity and the body and through colour, cell, and helix type imagery. Mandi often uses collaged and personal materials within her work and there is frequently reference to disability arts.

Mandi currently manages the Disabled Student Network Instagram at the RCA. She has helped develop the network during the past year and is passionate about promoting the work of disabled students and getting Disability Arts a bigger platform both in Universities and galleries.

When she is not printmaking Mandi is either gardening, taking photos, or swimming.