I am extremely grateful to the staff of DAIL, and Victoria Lucas in particular, for all the help they have given me in sorting out a set of the magazine, and to the other staff of LDAF for putting up with my intrusions into their office while I ferreted around the boxes of back copies.

I would also like to offer thanks to all the individuals who have donated or lent copies of DAIL and DAM, trusting me with treasured possessions: Ann Young, Sian Williams, Joe Bidder, Hilary Porter, Geof Armstrong.

Thanks are also due to all the organisations who responded to my request for information about their history: The Art House, Full Body and the Voice Art + Power, CandoCo, Blue Eyed Soul, DASh, Oily Cart (To hard-pressed organisations who meant to reply but had trouble finding the time, I would emphasise: it's not too late - there will be updated editions.)
I would like to thank those individuals who have answered my queries about past events in which they were involved: Chris Ledger, Tony Heaton, Colin Hambrook.

And I owe particular thanks to all the various editors of DAIL and DAM, whose work over the years put on record most of the information contained here: Elspeth Morrison, Diane Miller, Kit Wells, Ruth Bailey, Colin Hambrook, Matthew Holmes, Joe McConnell, Hanne Olsen and Catya Wheatley for DAIL; Roland Humphries and Kit Wells for DAM.