We will send you a pre-audit questionnaire in order to understand your brief, what is expected from us, where your organisation is in terms of access and what type of access service is required. Once we receive this we will then send it back to with the contract details.

You need to know why you want an access audit and we ask you to consider the following things:

• On your brief, please clarify: how you work, your objectives, capacity or priorities

• Advise us if you want a detailed technical report or an overview report

• Your budget.

To be sure that you obtain the service you require, you will need to explain to the auditor/assessor:

• Periods and patterns of use and any changes planned

• Management responsibilities

• Planned maintenance programmes

• Alterations or extensions proposed.

We will also need to discuss and agree the:

• Access criteria to which you expect the audit to refer (this may be dictated by funders)

• Consultation with users

• Report format

• Timescale and fees