Shape has been fortunate to receive three legacy donations in the past year, all of which have made a great difference to the work we are able to carry out. 

By leaving a legacy you could contribute to a much fairer future for the next generation of disabled people.

Our vision is of a world where disabled people can participate freely in arts and culture; where no barrier prevents the emergence of creativity or the ability to engage. A legacy no matter how big or small could help us to eradicate barriers and change lives for the better. 

What difference will a gift in my will make? 
Leaving a gift if your will is a really powerful way to support the long-term work of our charity. Whilst we have had a great impact in faciliating more opportunities for disabled artists, young disabled people and engaged disabled audiences, there is still much work left to do. Your gift will go directly towards helping new generations of disabled people overcome the physical, social and attitudinal barriers they face and go on to create and enjoy art. 

Can you provide me with support making my will? 
As a small charity, Shape are unable to provide resources to help you with writing a will. There are however many charities and legal firms who will be able to do so for little or no fee. You can find a thorough guide to making your will here. 

How can I support Shape in my will?
There are three key ways in which you can support Shape in your will:

  • residuary gift - this is a share of your estate that is paid after all other types of gifts and payments have been made. This type of gift is a good option as it avoids inflation making an impact on the value of your gift over time. 
  • A pecuniary gift - this is a specific sum of money designated in your will. 
  • specific gift - this is a specific item that you might leave in lieu of money, such as an artwork or shares.

I already have a will, can I amend this to support Shape? 
If you already have an current will, this can be amended easily to add a gift to Shape through using a Codicil. A codicil does not change the terms of your exisiting will but simply adds a new instruction. 

If you have any questions about leaving us a gift in your will, or to inform us you have done so, please contact the Fundraising team on 020 7424 7330 or [email protected]