Latest Shape collaboration: April was a selected artist for Shape Open 2022, 'In The Mirror'. They were also on the panel to Shape Open artist selection in 2023.

Artist Statement: April Lin 林森 (they/them) is an artist-filmmaker investigating image-making as a site for the construction, sustenance, and dissemination of co-existent yet conflicting truths. They dream and explore, critique and fret, catastrophize and imagine and play with the potentials that moving image holds. Their practice aims for a collective remembering of forgotten pasts, for a critical examination of normalised presents, and for a visualising of freer futures as imagined from the periphery. Their films have been screened at: The Museum of the Moving Image New York, LA Filmforum, Royal Art Institute of Sweden, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, and NOWNESS Asia.

Still from April Lin

Film still from 'now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful' by April Lin 林森

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Banner Image: Still from April Lin's film. In purple text across the screen it reads 'now I close my eyes the world I see is so beautiful'. This text is overlayed over a scene indoors. Sheets cover the surfaces and we stand above a person shaving their head, whilst leaving a blue ponytail.