Noëmi Lakmaier was the recipient of the 2009 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary.

The inaugral Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary was hosted by Camden Arts Centre, London. Noemi Lakmaier was our first recipient, producing the sculptural piece 'Experiment in Happiness'.

Lakmaier‘s work explores notions of the ‘other’ ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political. Lakmaier investigates the individual’s relationship with its surroundings and its perception of self in contemporary society, through predominantly site-responsive, installation-based and increasingly live practice.

Experiment in Happiness is a site responsive piece created for the artist studio at Camden Arts Centre. It is a two metre sphere holding about 400 pairs of shoes, painted with the yellow road paint used to mark double yellow lines. The artist is attached to the ball by wearing one of the pairs of shoes, making her body a part of the object. The absurd relationship between the body and the giant ball of shoes makes the piece sit on the verge between the comical and the menacing, keeping the viewer in a state of wonderment and anticipation.

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Banner Image: Noemi Lakmaier 'Experiment in Happiness' at Camden Arts Centre