Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of 2010 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary and exhibiting artist in ARMB Shortlist 1 and ARMB Shortlist 3

Artist Statement: Aaron Williamson’s work is informed by his experience of becoming deaf, and by a politicised yet humorous sensibility towards disability. At a University of California San Diego lecture in 1998, Williamson coined the term ‘deaf gain’ as a counter-emphasis to ‘hearing loss’.

'The Cyclodusa' (2012); performance at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Biennial / DaDaFest

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Banner image: 'Demonstrating the World' (2016); performance. Photograph by Manuel Vason. Description: A person stands outside a building with a white t-shirt covering their face as they take it off. Surrounding them are chairs, a ladder, ironing board, lamp and a potted plant.