Latest Shape collaboration: Exhibiting artist in the 2013 Shape Open, one of four recipients of NDACA's Research & Development Awards in 2017, and exhibiting artist in Shape’s Pop-Up Gallery.

Artist Statement: Aminder Virdee is a London based interdisciplinary artist primarily working within Visual Arts and Performance Arts; focusing on the socio-political to forge together complex concepts of intersectionality, autobiography and human rights activism, that are integral to her work and process.

Aminder’s artistic enquiries are subject to extensive research in the areas of art, science and politics, concentrating on the collision of intersectional identity traits (whether it is race, gender, class, sexuality, disability, religion or heritage) that go beyond the autobiographical through to the dissection of human relationships, psychology, trauma and memory, physical disabilities and mental illnesses, medication and medical institutions, public and personal narratives, human fragility and perseverance. Aminder is interested to explore this fusion between art-forms, disciplines and autobiography to penetrate the social, political, physical, personal and philosophical notions attached to the term ‘disability’ and the identity traits that intersect.

Aminder’s performative works seeks to transform spaces into political sites of radical agency – using awkwardness as her basis to break societal constructs, and forms of censorship, around physical disabilities and mental illness. Aminder contemplates to re-enact and re-construct narratives, stereotypes and imagery that disrupt the reality of the lived experience of disability - and intersectionality - through humour, honesty and hyperbolic anecdotes. Her most recent performance, The Staff Infection, focuses on questioning ethics, power and agency within the doctor-patient relationship.

'Keep This Leaflet. You May Need To Read It Again.' (2015); Mixed Media

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Banner Image: Caped Crusader (2012); Mixed Media/Video. Photography by Bryony Houldsworth. Description: A tablet playing a video is placed in a small tunnel cladded with empty pill packets.