Latest Shape collaboration: Exhibiting artist in ARMB Shortlist 9 exhibition, Artlink Hull & featured in our Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Shortlist showcase at Tate Exchange.

Artist Statement: Anna’s work tends to be concerned with the way our cognition shapes reality, and hence how the nature of reality differs from what we perceive. The nature of her disabilities means she quite literally inhabits a parallel world to the rest of humanity; hence she likes to draw attention to how our minds impose categories upon a chaos and create the world as we know it.

As well as undermining the fabric of reality, she is also often toying with arbitrary cultural notions like gender, race, nationality, and religion. Her work can be quite political, and often socially-engaged. She has delivered several large public installations.

She works in many media, but is most known for paper interventions. They are fragile and ephemeral, and rely on photographic recording. The practice of making them verges on the performative because of the often-absurd difficulty of placing the paper in the environment, and because of the very repetitive nature of the making.

Anna has a background in commercial photography. She exists in Milton Keynes.

Breathing room (2014). kinetic installation, paper, wood, plastic, motors, batteries.

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Banner image: Fake Plastic Trees - 2016. Guerilla installation, plastic, steel wire, wood, photographs. Description: In black and white, a person stands with arms crossed in a low lit room. Faint strings and objects and hung filling the room.