Banner image: 'I didn't see you there', A temporary street intervention. Image c. Jake Hancock (2013). Description: Two benches next to eachother at the end of a street each have a pink drooping sculpture around them that hangs around part of the seat.

Latest Shape collaboration: Exhibiting artist in ARMB Shortlist 3, 2010; One of five artists chosen for the Shape-supported 'Wetlands Unravelled' exhibition, 2020

Artist Statement: The objects Anne Deeming designs and make look familiar and usable in some way – and yet are not. They exist as amalgamations of everyday utilitarian objects with features that can trigger multiple associations with something you have used or seen before. Deeming is interested in the areas of slippage between the familiar and foreign, domestic and industrial, the useful and useless and exploring the gaps between sculpture, contemporary design and applied arts.

But fundamentally, it’s about Anne Deeming, being a maker, striving for perfection that is never satisfied. Useless, beautiful objects of desire; neither functional nor purely ornament, they encompass much about craft, about time, and the ambiguity of things. They take their place in the world, relating to everyday life and the experiences of living today, in this time and place.

In Autumn 2020, Anne Deeming will be featured in a year-long exhibition at the Wetlands Centre in Barnes, "Wetlands Unravelled", responding throughout the year to the changing environment through her own artistic practice. 

Walking backwards down the stairs, 2015  Anne Deeming
Walking backwards down the stairs, Public Art. Plywood and Fabric (2015)

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