Latest Shape collaboration: Exhibiting artist in Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Shortlist 2 and in the 2017 Shape Open 'Power: The Politics of Disability'

Artist Statement: As an Artist, Writer and Curator, much of Benedict Phillips’ work is about investigating, researching and reacting to the places in which he finds himself. Benedict’s practice encompasses a broad range of approaches and methodologies to generate work as diverse as public art, installation, performance, photography, media art and creative writing. Dependent upon the geography of the project, Benedict’s responses have been floated, buried, placed, flown and exhibited. His work often involves placing artworks back into the spaces that influenced and informed their production.

Benedict Phillips - Melting Mail
'Melting Mail'; performance - Melting Mail delivers four huge blocks of ice to the streets of one of York’s housing estates. There they are. One morning. With the post. Embedded with desirable objects. Do you watch them melt in the sun, or take direct action with a hammer?” 

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Banner image: 'THE RED DIV (A performance for camera)' (2012); photography. Description: A man with a red point hat and clothes sits in front of a blackboard next to a wooden ornamental tree.