Banner image: A Still From The Hospital Room (2015) COnscription exhibition, an experiential multimedia installation


Affiliation with Shape: Winner of 2015 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary and exhibiting artist in ARMB Shortlist 3 and ARMB Shortlist 8

Artist Statement 

Caglar Kimyoncu is a digital and video artist as well as curator and arts consultant. In the past fifteen years, Kimyonchu has collaborated with artists in a variety of media, including film and video production, website design, theatre scenography, video and photo documentary, and script development. Kimyoncu’s practice includes collaborating with and mentoring artists, consulting with international arts organisations and film festivals, and curating digital arts.

 Caglar - Self Portrait three
'Self-portrait three', Digital photograph (2006)

Kimyoncu continuing interest is in alternative representations of excluded voices, voices perceived as “other”, whether they be from a sexual, gender, disability or ethnic perspective.

Still from COnscription with Haydar Köyel. Photo: Markus A. Ljungberg
Still from 'COnscription' with Haydar Köyel (2015). Photo: Markus A. Ljungberg 

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