Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of 2014 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary 

Artist Statement: Carmen Papalia design experiences that allow those involved to expand their perceptual mobility and claim access to public and institutional spaces. Often requiring trust and closeness, these engagements disorient the participant while introducing new modes of orientation that allow for perceptual and sensorial discovery. Each walking tour, workshop, collaborative performance, public intervention, museum project and art object that Papalia produce is a temporary system of access—a gesture that contributes to a productive understanding of accessibility. As an open-sourcing of Papalia’s own access, Papalia's work makes visible the opportunities for learning and knowing that become available through the non-visual senses. It is a chance to unlearn looking and to take ones first few steps into a non-visual world.

Blind Field Shuttle, Walking tour; duration varies (2012)
Photo courtesy of : Jordan Reznick

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Banner Image: Long Cane, Performance, duration varies (2012) Photo courtesy of : Kristin Rochelle Lantz. Description: A man walks down the street on the pavement with a very long walking aid the same length as a car out infront of him.