Banner image: Section of Misfits (Garden), oil on linen, 2019


Affiliation with Shape: Exhibiting artist for the ARMB Shortlist 6, 2014 and ARMB Shortlist 9, 2017

Artist Statement

David Lock’s paintings utilise a collagist approach. In the process of creating his ‘Misfit’ paintings, he makes collages culled from advertisements and imagery from mainstream magazines. In their making, the collages and subsequent paintings have a performative quality. In this regard, he is seeking to undermine the original source material, disrupting its meaning in order to create a new experimental man, akin to Frankenstein’s monster. A subject divided against itself as the effect of a loss.

                           'El Muniria' (2017); Oil on Canvas, Collection of Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Lock is investigating how to create a multitude of subject positions, upon which signifiers are free to float, shifting identification from one fragment to another. His paintings resist a single reading or viewpoint, instead any reading of the portrait is unmoored, fluid and contingent. A sense of vulnerability is reinforced by the paintings being composed from collaged elements.

Painting shows a man in the foreground with his chest exposed, wearing a sleeveless checked shirt and a beige baseball cap. His belt is also undone. Behind him sits a man in a blue suit in front of a painting of a blue figure sitting pensively. In the background is a window through which you can see green trees. The figures themselves are comprised of body parts from various male bodies.

                          Misfits (Retreat), 2020, oil on linen

At the heart of the work there is a sense of loss. The lacunae of the lost objects from which these fragments were a part.

The painting shows two male figures comprised of sections from various male bodies in a garden surrounded by vibrant green leaves.

                          'Misfits' (Garden), oil on linen, 2019

Lock’s motivations for the use of the male, exposes an underlying uncertainty about the male’s status in contemporary culture and the role he should fulfil within it.

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