Latest Shape collaboration: Fae won one of our Emergence Bursaries in 2019 and was a featured artist at our Tate Exchange event in 2020. In 2016, Fae exhibited at the Shape Open with her woodcut, "The Struggle."

Artist Statement: Fae Kilburn is a Birmingham based Printmaker, who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her recent work consists of a series of mono print portraits exploring family, disability and identity. Whilst creating this work a softer colour pallet and new style emerged. In 2018 Fae was KIRA artist in residence CA, the quiet environment suited her and reinforced her creativity, influencing the style and size of her work. Fae will use her Emergence Bursary and ACE funding to continue creating work inspired by the Canadian landscape and where she will be returning summer of 2019, the bursary will also enable her to create prints in different locations across the UK. Alongside fellow Emergence artists, Fae will be facilitating workshops and talking about her practice and it's relation to the themes of "power" and "narrative" at the Tate Exchange in March 2020.

same blue texture print over top of brown craft paper

'On The Outside Looking In, mono print' courtesy of the artist.

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Banner Image: 'Isolation 2, mono print' courtesy of the artist. Description: Blue paint is printed over a white surface. The paint is patchy and the white surface shows through.