Latest Shape collaboration: Lauren won one of our Emergence Bursaries in 2019 and was a Tate Exchange featured artist in 2020.

Artist Statement: Lauren Saunders is an award-winning and socially-engaged interdisciplinary visual artist living & working in Hull, UK. Her work responds to philosophical questions by systematically dissecting, capturing, interrogating and translating thoughts and experiences through collage and by drawing in the expanded field. The intellectual, sensual and material sits in relation to the concepts, subjects, media, contexts and surfaces explored within her participatory practice.

Lauren graduated with a 1:1 whilst her work explored the rhizomatic nature of reality; she has since turned to exploring environmental philosophy and Deep Ecology. Lauren has also worked professionally in theatres, colleges, healthcare and community settings and on various public engagement projects.

Alongside fellow Emergence artists, Lauren will be facilitating workshops and talking about her practice and it's relation to the themes of "power" and "narrative" at the Tate Exchange in March 2020.

'Wisp' courtesy of the artist.

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Banner Image: Still of 'Shuffling' courtesy of the artist. Two hands touch a white surface with black line drawings.