Latest Shape collaboration: Leo won one of our Emergence Bursaries in 2018.

Artist Statement: Leo Wight is an artist living and working in Glasgow, he graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2018 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography.

Mundane, yet profoundly intimate, Wight’s work explores daily life spent with another, the spaces they inhabit and the intimate moments they share. Working predominately in black and white analog photography, he embraces the unique qualities of the medium allowing grain, dust, blurs and scratches to add their voices to his photographs. His photographs and moving images create a quality of stillness, quiet and closeness, enhancing the intimacy the work evokes. Through his work he hopes to normalise a view of queer intimacy and queer bodies.

grainy black and white photo shows a figure blurred, almost like a double exposure, the figure is looking directly into the camera with short hair and a septum piercing

From series 'Latch', courtesy of the artist 

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Banner Image: From series 'Of that which is within', courtesy of the artist. A black and white image of a closed curtain.