Latest Shape collaboration: Letty won one of our Emergence Bursaries in 2019 and was a featured artist at our Tate Exchange event in 2020. 

Artist Statement: Letty McHugh is an artist and writer, with an MA in Creative Practice from Leeds College of Art. Influenced by Situationist theory and Object theory, Letty’s work is underpinned by the idea that the primary value of all objects is their ability to evidence human existence and communicate intangible emotions, memories and experiences.

Exploring the universality of personal experiences and the resilience of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Letty creates long running participatory projects which can lead to a wide range of outcomes and for her current project is working with print and origami.  

Alongside fellow Emergence artists, Letty will be facilitating workshops and talking about her practice and it's relation to the themes of "power" and "narrative" at the Tate Exchange in March 2020. Her aim is to get the public to help her complete one thousand origami boats for her Emergence-funded Seaworthy Vessel Project.

Close up of a white linen coth with the words let go let go let go embroidered on it

'How do you Sleep at Night?', courtesy of the artist.

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Banner Image: 'This Is Your Inheritance' exhibited at Holy Trinity Church Leeds, courtesy of the artist. A long white sheet of fabric hung in a grand hall.