Latest Shape collaboration: Winner of 2009 Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary and exhibiting artist in ARMB Shortlist 2 exhibition

Artist Statement: Sally Booth is a visual artist living and working in London. Booth has been passionate about colour ever since she had a box of crayons. Drawn to expressing the celebratory in the everyday, her work ranges from a contemporary approach to traditional still life, to travel sketchbooks and drawings on till-rolls. Being visually impaired has been a significant factor in the development of her art practice and professional career.

Booth's practice continues to be primarily as a painter, but she also works increasingly using photography, printmaking and film. While passionate about painting, Booth has also become interested in the possibilities of combining this much-loved painting tradition with digital technology. She has additionally begun to incorporate writing into her work, having developed an interest in artistic applications of audio-description.

Below is an NDACA interview with Sally. 

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Banner image: 'Liverpool Panoramas' (2009); permanent pen on balsa wood. Description: Long rectangular strips of pale wood hung on a wall containing black line drawings of landscapes.