Affiliation with Shape: One of the three artists participating in Shape's Tate Exchange programme for 2019.

Seohye Lee is a multidisciplinary artist from South Korea, living and working in Berlin. Seohye uses the mediums of sound and illustration to experiment with new forms of narrative, creating playful pieces that challenge the idea of listening. Drawing inspiration from her hearing loss experience, Seohye aims to show the difference between hearing and listening; regardless of your hearing skill, one can always listen in variety of ways. Coming to terms with her own sonic identity led her to take ownership of sound by incorporating it into her practice.

At this year's Tate Exchange, Seohye will be drawing on her experience with hearing loss and interest in exploring ownership of sound. With an interactive sound installation inviting you to experience sound in a new way.

We’re inviting our digital audience to participate in the Many Shapes of Volumes. This piece is currently at Tate Exchange, where people can hear the sounds coming from ceramic vases and are asked to draw what they feel in response.

Here, we’re asking you to draw what you feel in response to this audio, we’d love for you to take a picture of it and tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@shapearts) or use any of these hashtags: #MyShapeofVolume #ShapeatTateExchange #SeohyeLee.

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Image & Body Text Banner: 'Soundscapes' by Seohye Lee