Latest Shape collaboration: Belladonna was shortlisted for the 2023 Emergent bursary with BALTIC and Shape Arts.

Artist statement: Belladonna Paloma is an artist, poet & witch living in Shetland, UK. She paints, tattoos, writes poetry, and makes computer games. Her work is into listening to faeries, how divination disturbs linear time, grief rituals, toilets and necromancy. Bella makes artwork primarily as acts of devotion. Most recently this devotion has been centred on the boglands of Shetland, and wetlands more generally, continuing her deep interest in the politics of waste.

Biblically Accurate Coolspots Keening Descent (2022) - Belladonna Paloma

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Banner Image: Courtesy of the artist. Image description: Belladonna leans over a large table painting a in a sketchbook. Bella has short blonde hair and wears a white top with black dungarees. Arranged on the table are various objects such as tarot cards and books.